Posted on July 19, 2019, 1:26 am

   Art is a way of life. You have those artist who set out to change the world. The kind hearts, who want to send a message to the masses. In general, being an artist is very difficult at times. In a game of no rules, why are there so many many rules? These rules can makes us feel confined like we’ve been backed into a corner. The pressure can make us feel forced to succumb to society standards. Standards that cause anxiety and depression. As a mental health advocate, IMANI uses her art to send off healing and soothing positive vibes. The Queen of Unique feels that it is much more important to live what you preach, so she has taken those words and made them into actions. 

  When I met Ms. IMANI, I realized those rules did not apply to her. One thing I learned from IMANI at Southern University is how to let go and be free. This woman transformed as many times as the eyes can see. I have watched her flourish in her acting career, as well as build her music career from the ground up. IMANI made a decision to go after what she wanted, after years of trying different avenues until she has gotten it right. A Louisiana Native who now resides in New York, she (IMANI) has put her best foot forward to continue her (IMANI) journey. 

Describe your sound.

The Sound for my new album {Year 2076} is Aalyiah and Neo Soul had a baby with a sprinkle of Jazz and Funk.

What is the biggest problem you have had to overcome so far? 

Losing both of my grandmothers and my aunt all within a 9 month time period to cancer.

It made me question everything.I felt like my prayers for my family members healing went unanswered. I had to dig deep to find the answer within myself. I had to find a new faith. Which required facing some hard truths

How does mental health affect being an artist?

As artist we have to deal with a lot of rejection and self doubt. There is also this notion that we have to always remain in this state of pain, brokenness, and confusion in order to create great art and that is a toxic mindset to have. You think to yourself - if I fix myself will I still be creative? - The answer is yes you can and still will be creative. 

If we were sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it has been for you in this role, what did you achieve?

Completely working for myself! On my 3rd music project touring the world. All while remaining true to who I am.

  • My letter about mental health

Life is like a garden nothing grows overnight. It is okay to allow yourself to feel pain. Give yourself permission to cry, and it does NOT make you weak. Prayer is good but prayer is not enough. Talk to a counselor, talk to friends/family, meditate, take up a new hobby, take a break from social media, distance yourself from toxic people, read self help books, listen to motivational speakers, journal your feelings and do daily positive affirmations. Remember everything is temporary. You will make it through it. All you have to do is get back up when you’ve been knocked down. Success is on the other side of not giving up

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